Hybrid cloud blog

April 27, 2021

Just What Is Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus?

We’re announcing a new edition of Red Hat OpenShift today - OpenShift Platform Plus - and wanted to provide a little context about why we’re expanding the OpenShift portfolio. Kubernetes is becoming ...

David Friedlander

October 27, 2020

Red Hat OpenShift 4.6 Is Now Available

Today, I am pleased to announce the general availability of Red Hat OpenShift 4.6.  Based on Kubernetes 1.19, OpenShift 4.6 brings exciting new features to our customers across our foundation of ...

Tushar Katarki

May 18, 2020

Join us and learn to Unleash the power of Kubernetes

On June 2, 2020, we're hosting the Red Hat virtual event "Unleash the power of Kubernetes" This multi-track event will feature various Webinars hosted by Red Hat's Brian Gracely, Parag Dave, Ryan ...

Abhinav Joshi

May 15, 2020

Application Development Agility with Persistent Storage

    Earlier this year, writing in The New Stack, I argued that industry-wide moves toward strategic software development — over operational and transactional approaches — place DevOps teams in a new, ...

Michael St-Jean

April 29, 2020

Red Hat brings Kubernetes Operators to Google Cloud with updates to Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

At Red Hat Summit 2019, we launched Red Hat OpenShift 4, the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform redesigned to embrace the concept of Kubernetes Operators. Operators package ...

Vidhi Desai

April 29, 2020

Run OpenShift Container Platform 4.4 on Azure with Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Nodes

Customers have heterogeneous environments with a mix of Linux and Windows workloads. And they want to take advantage of OpenShift and the Open Hybrid Cloud to run both.  Windows workloads can be: ...

Anandnatraj Chandramohan

April 28, 2020

Deploying OpenShift Container Storage using Local Devices

Overview Building high performance storage services for OpenShift requires taking a holistic look at the overall architecture of the software defined storage stack. Eliminating unnecessary layers can ...

Annette Clewett, Kyle Bader

April 28, 2020

Check out the Pod Escape Game at Red Hat Summit

Generally, when an internal developer is tasked with building a demo for a trade show, that demo offers up some mundane task, automated in a reproducible fashion. When it comes to enterprise software ...

Alex Handy

April 27, 2020

Autoscaling with OpenShift on OpenStack

With the release of OpenShift 4 at Red Hat Summit in 2019 the world’s best enterprise container management platform unleashed an amazing set of features onto the world. OpenShift 4 completely ...

August Simonelli

April 27, 2020

Leveraging local NVMe disks for OpenShift Container Storage on VMware

This blog explains how to leverage local NVMe disks that are present on the vsphere hypervisors inside of OCS. The disks will be directly forwarded to the VMs to keep the latency low. This feature is ...

Christopher Blum

April 2, 2020

4.3 Blog - What’s New in the 4.3 Console?

Overview The latest release of OpenShift includes a variety of features to improve the experience for administrators and developers. For a full look at the new developer features, check out this blog ...

Colleen Hart

March 13, 2020

Video: OpenShift is Kubernetes

Our very own Burr Sutter has produced a video explaining how Kubernetes and OpenShift relate to one another, and why OpenShift is Kubernetes, not a fork there of.

Alex Handy