Hybrid cloud blog

October 12, 2020

Getting Started with OpenShift Virtualization

OpenShift 4.5 release marks the GA for OpenShift Virtualization. OpenShift Virtualization brings the ability to deploy VMs alongside your Pods which opens up a world of possibilities for ...

Arvin Amirian

October 6, 2020

Custom Operator Registry (Catalog Source) for OpenShift 4.5

Introduction Operators framework is the new way to manage complex applications on top of Kubernetes. They embed operational knowledge about applications and manage all the lifecycle from ...

Salahddine Aberkan

October 1, 2020

Enhancing the OpenShift Web Console Login Experience

As the saying goes, the first impression is everything. For any new user leveraging OpenShift for the first time, whether they are able to succeed in taking advantage of what the platform has to ...

Andrew Block

September 1, 2020

Cost Saving with Amazon EC2 Spot Instances for Red Hat OpenShift 4.5

Amazon EC2 Spot Instances let you take advantage of unused EC2 capacity in AWS. Spot Instances are available at up to a 90% discount compared to On-Demand prices. You can now use Spot Instances for ...

Mayur Shetty

August 31, 2020

Pushing the Limits of OpenShift 4.5 at Scale

There is an increasing demand for running and managing cloud native applications on a platform that is able to handle the surge in traffic in a scalable and performant manner.  OpenShift is the go-to ...

Naga Ravi Chaitanya Elluri

August 3, 2020

Node Tuning Operator and Friends in OpenShift 4.5

Introduction The Node Tuning Operator (NTO) is a Second Level Operator (SLO) that ships with OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 4 by default. It has come a long way since its first release, and this ...

Jiří Mencák

July 22, 2020

OpenShift 4.5: Top Tasks

OpenShift is a powerful and complex product. With hundreds of possible goals a user could accomplish across multiple interfaces, how do we know where to prioritize our work? What tasks are most ...

Carl Pearson

July 21, 2020

OpenShift 4.5: Node Improvements

In Red Hat OpenShift 4.5, we enhanced Node views to encompass at-a-glance views right from the Console. This included surfacing key Node data in the List view, offering a new Overview to provide ...

Gina Doyle

July 20, 2020

OpenShift 4.5: Making Operators Easy to Find

Operators are a top priority for OpenShift and we are dedicated to constantly improving the user experience around operators in the Console. For OpenShift 4.5, we focused on adding clarity to the ...

Megan Hall

July 16, 2020

OpenShift 4.5 arrives, bringing new supported installations

As Kubernetes and the Red Hat OpenShift platform evolve over time, they are becoming more important to the daily operations of enterprises around the world. OpenShift 4.5 incorporates Kubernetes ...

Tushar Katarki