Hybrid cloud blog

May 10, 2021

Building a Custom Overview Page in OKD

If you plan to create your own Overview page for your OKD installation, this blog will help you get started. The Overview page has a standardized layout consisting of three columns. The left column ...

Rastislav Wagner

March 26, 2021

Recap: OKD 4 Testing and Deployment Workshop - Videos and Additional Resources

The OKD Working Group held a virtual community-hosted workshop on testing and deploying OKD4 on March 20th. On March 20th, OKD-Working Group hosted a day-long that brought together people from 17 ...

Diane Mueller

October 16, 2020

This Past Week on OpenShift TV

You've no doubt seen that we're streaming daily on our and YouTube channels. If you're an OpenShift user and you've got questions, you can always stop in and ask them in chat during live ...

Alex Handy

August 28, 2020

Last Week in OpenShift TV: Building the Perfect Tools Container

Here are some highlights from the past week on our streaming channel over the past week. Remember, we're streaming daily, and that you can even ask questions to the streamers. That's what it's all ...

Alex Handy

August 11, 2020

Deploy a multi-master OKD 4.5 cluster using a single command in ~30 minutes

TL;DR; We will deploy an OKD 4.5 cluster in ~30 minutes (3 controllers, 1 to 10 workers, 1 service, and 1 bootstrap node) using one single command in around 30 minutes using a tool called KubeInit. ...

Carlos Camacho

July 15, 2020

OKD4 is now Generally Available

  Announcing the General Availability of OKD4 Today, the OKD-WG is pleased to announce the General Availability of OKD4, the community distribution of Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes platform. With ...

Diane Mueller

April 2, 2020

OpenShift Commons Briefing: State of OKD4 Beta - Christian Glombek and Vadim Rutkovsky (Red Hat)

  In this OKD Working Group Briefing, OKD-WG co-chairs, Christian Glombek and Vadim Rutkovsky (Red Hat) give an update on the OKD 4.4 Beta Release along with an introduction to Fedora CoreOS and an ...

Diane Mueller