Hybrid cloud blog

September 24, 2021

10 Years of OpenShift and 10 Years of Business Transformations

A lot of anniversary blog posts trace the history of the thing, the person or the place. They highlight the ups, the downs, the unexpected twists of the anniversary-bearing thing. And, we could do ...

Alex Handy

September 1, 2021

The Advanced Cluster Security Operator Is Here. What You Need to Know and How to Get Started.

The Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security (RHACS) operator is now available, giving users flexible installation and lifecycle management of RHACS in their OpenShift clusters. Since the StackRox ...

Michael Foster

August 19, 2021

OpenShift 4.8 News Round Up

We've completed our 2.5 week romp through the changes and additions to OpenShift 4.8, so now we'd like to take a brief moment to round up all of the news blogs, and present them in a single, easy to ...

Alex Handy

August 17, 2021

Application Management in Kubernetes Environments with Helm Charts and Kubernetes Operators

We always get questions from organizations, and even from within our partner ecosystem, on when to use or build Helm charts and Operators. With an aim to dispel some confusion around these ...

Jehlum Vitasta Pandit

August 13, 2021

Empathy Workshop: Improving OpenShift Logs with User Feedback

We conducted a series of three two-hour workshops using digital whiteboarding and telecommunication tools over the course of a week. The data we collected helped us identify three main focus areas ...

Chris Shinn

August 13, 2021

OpenShift Sandboxed Containers 101

Introduction This blog assumes that the reader is familiar with the OpenShift sandboxed containers documentation and has installed Kata Containers via the OpenShift sandboxed containers  operator on ...

Snir Sheriber and Ariel Adam  

August 12, 2021

OpenShift 4.8: Quick Start Enhancements

What Is New? In Red Hat OpenShift 4.6, we introduced Quick starts, a feature that enables users to discover and learn about key capabilities through step-by-step tutorials in the OpenShift Console. ...

Colleen Hart

August 12, 2021

OpenShift 4.8 Blog: Import Multiple YAML Files

With each Red Hat OpenShift release, we aim to improve the user experience of the console UI to make it even easier for our customers to use. We prioritize what we work on based on the feedback we ...

Brie Mignano

August 12, 2021

OpenShift and the NSA-CISA ‘Kubernetes Hardening Guidance’

Red Hat applauds the recent release of Kubernetes hardening guidance from the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) to improve the nation’s ...

Michael Epley

August 11, 2021

How Customer Feedback Shaped OpenShift 4.8

In every OpenShift release, we make it a priority to implement work that directly relates to customer feedback. For OpenShift 4.8, we focused on improving the usability of the log toolbar, introduced ...

Megan Hall

August 10, 2021

What’s New in Kubernetes v1.22

Kubernetes v1.22 is out now! This release showcases how the Kubernetes community works collectively and collaboratively to solidify the Kubernetes platform as a maturing open source system that ...

Karena Angell

August 10, 2021

Going Global: Improving Operand Visibility for Operators in OpenShift 4.8

Our latest enhancement made to the OpenShift Web Console’s operator UI focuses on improving the way the console displays operands, specifically for operators that manage “All namespaces.” In ...

Megan Hall