Hybrid cloud blog

July 1, 2021

Strategies for Moving .NET Workloads to OpenShift Container Platform

Introduction Enterprises have saved costs, unlocked developer productivity, embraced CI/CD, and built scalable apps on modern environments using Linux containers and open source technologies. There ...

Anandnatraj Chandramohan

June 14, 2021

Run .Net code on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Mac OS

This post teaches you to create a simple Hello World .Net 5 application and run it on a local instance of Red Hat OpenShift AKA Code Ready Containers. See how easy it is to get started with ...

Paul Lucas

April 14, 2021

Automatic Installation of a Windows VM Using OpenShift Virtualization

Can we automate Windows Installation using only OpenShift Virtualization tools? Yes, we can. In this blog I will show you how to use some basic features of OpenShift to install Windows with one ...

Eran Ifrach

March 2, 2021

OpenShift 4.7: Windows Container Support for Red Hat OpenShift on vSphere

Back in December, we announced that Windows Container support for Red Hat OpenShift became generally available. This was made possible by the Windows MachineConfig Operator (WMCO), which acts as an ...

Christian Hernandez

February 19, 2021

OpenShift Administrator’s Office Hour - Windows Containers

This week Christian Hernandez, Technical Marketing Manager for Red Hat Cloud Platforms Business Unit, joined the live stream to show off Windows containers in OpenShift. Currently available as a ...

Andrew Sullivan

January 15, 2021

Creating Windows Virtual Machines from Existing Images with OpenShift Virtualization

An enterprise class virtualization platform must provide support for whatever flavor of virtual operating system its users may require, and OpenShift Virtualization is no exception. Whether you are ...

Chandler Wilkerson

December 16, 2020

Announcing Windows Container Support for Red Hat OpenShift

UPDATED 12/18/2020: Red Hat OpenShift support for Windows Containers is now generally available (GA) and the Windows Machine Config Operator should now appear in the Operator Hub for OpenShift ...

Anandnatraj Chandramohan

December 16, 2020

Creating Default OS Images to Auto-Clone in OpenShift Virtualization

Check out this updated post which includes the details on creating default Windows Images. One of the advantages of virtualization is in its ability to allow rapid deployment of development systems ...

Chandler Wilkerson and John Herr

December 3, 2020

Creating an Operating System Image Using the Microsoft Windows Installation Media with OpenShift Virtualization

At times, it may not be possible to use a pre-existing image to deploy virtual machines (VM) in your OpenShift Virtualization environment. There may be several reasons for this: an image containing ...

John Herr

November 19, 2020

How to Modernize Virtualized Workloads

The eternal struggle of application development is choosing to pay down technical debt or adding new features. Why not both! This article explores modernization strategies enabled by OpenShift ...

Arvin Amirian

November 2, 2020

Take a Dip into Windows Containers with OpenShift 4.6

Windows Operating System in a container? Who would have thought?!? If you asked me that question a few years back, I would have told you with conviction that it would never happen! But if you ask me ...

Michael Calizo

October 12, 2020

Azure Active Directory Integration With OpenShift 4 ARO 4

Red Hat OpenShift can be deployed on many platforms on many clouds. One solution is to use Azure Red Hat OpenShift (more commonly known as ARO). ARO is an offering by Microsoft Azure that is ...

Shanna Chan