Hybrid cloud blog

April 28, 2021

Highlights from Red Hat Summit

  Red Hat Summit continues today, but we thought we'd take this moment to gather up all the news and interesting talks that occurred yesterday. Here's a short list with links to all the things we ...

Alex Handy

April 20, 2021

Join us at Virtual KubeCon Europe, May 4 - 7

We've got a lot of folks presenting at KubeCon Europe. You've still got plenty of time to register for this great community event focused on Kubernetes and its surrounding ecosystem. It's also where ...

Alex Handy

April 19, 2021

Join Red Hat and Weaveworks at GitOps Con, May 3

You've no doubt heard about KubeCon EU, and are planning to attend. While that illustrious virtual Kubernetes-focused event takes place May 4 - 7, we've got an extra special event for you to attend ...

Alex Handy

April 15, 2021

Introducing kube-burner, A tool to Burn Down Kubernetes and OpenShift

This is the first part of a blog series dedicated to explaining what this new tool is, and how the OpenShift PerfScale (Performance and Scalability) team uses it to perform scalability tests in ...

Raul Sevilla Canavate

April 12, 2021

Kubernetes 1.21 Grows Innovative New Features

Remember the days when the hot buzz about Kubernetes was that it had become boring? Naturally, after becoming the default basis for container-based infrastructure, there would need to be a period ...

Duncan Hardie

April 9, 2021

Ask an OpenShift Admin Office Hour - Installation methods redux

Last year, over the course of several episodes, we discussed many of the different installation platforms and options available for OpenShift. Since then there have been some updates, changes, and ...

Andrew Sullivan

April 2, 2021

Ask an OpenShift Admin Office Hour - CNI plugins and Multus

Pods communicate with each other across the network, but how do they connect to the network? The Container Network Interface (CNI) provides a standardized way for network providers to allow Pods to ...

Andrew Sullivan

March 30, 2021

OpenShift Commons Briefing: K8GB - Kubernetes Global Balancer with Yuri Tsarev (Absa) and Paul Morie (Red Hat)

K8GB is a Global Service Load Balancing solution with a focus cloud and Kubernetes nativity. Global load balancing/GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing) solutions have typically been the domain of ...

Diane Mueller

March 30, 2021

Metrics-Driven Pod Constraints

Prerequisites Business analysis of applications Basic understanding of pod constraints Kubernetes based platform (OpenShift, vanilla k8s. etc) Prometheus Grafana Introduction One of the most common ...

Christopher Nuland

March 29, 2021

Speakers Announced for Next Virtual OpenShift Commons Gathering @ CNCF’s KubeCon/EU on May 4th

The upcoming OpenShift Commons Gathering at KubeCon EU focuses on talks by end users with production deployments of OpenShift. They will be sharing their use cases, insights and lessons learned with ...

Diane Mueller

March 29, 2021

The Path to Improving the Experience With RHEL Entitlements on OpenShift

Folks who remember installing OpenShift 3.x and using their Red Hat entitlements when building new images with OpenShift 3.x will also remember a seamless experience from a developer’s perspective. ...

Gabe Montero

March 29, 2021

Surviving The API Storm With API Priority & Fairness

OpenShift is becoming the enterprise platform of choice for cloud native software, implementing higher level abstractions on top of the Kubernetes low-level primitives. As extension mechanisms like ...

Ivan Sim