Hybrid cloud blog

October 14, 2020

Why and When you need to consider OpenShift Serverless

Where is my server? This is the joke that I always hear from a colleague every time we talk about serverless. But all kidding aside, I believe that this is what most people think about when the ...

Michael Calizo

April 30, 2020

OpenShift Serverless now GA

Today, we are pleased to announce the general availability of OpenShift Serverless. Based on the Knative open source Kubernetes serverless project, OpenShift Serverless enables developers to build ...

Alex Handy

March 13, 2020

OpenShift Commons Briefing: Automate and Scale Your Data Pipelines the Cloud Native Way with Guillaume Moutier (Red Hat)

In this briefing, Guillaume Moutier, Senior Principal Technical Evangelist at Red Hat, gives an overview on building automated and scalable data pipelines in the cloud leveraging Ceph notifications, ...

Diane Mueller