Hybrid cloud blog

June 2, 2021

Network Policies: Controlling Cross-Project Communication on OpenShift

Introduction An OpenShift cluster that uses the OpenShift Software Defined Network supports the use of network policies to control ingress and egress traffic. This allows teams to create rules to ...

Mark Roberts

March 22, 2021

How to Offer Service Running on OpenShift on AWS to Other AWS VPCs, Privately

If you are offering a service running on OpenShift on AWS for other AWS customers, and for security reasons you want them to access the service directly over the AWS network and not over the ...

Mayur Shetty

September 22, 2020

Self-Contained, Ready and Secured - Enhancing Red Hat OpenShift with Hardware Cryptography

This is a guest post by nCipher's senior sales engineer, Oli Wade. The purpose of the blog is to introduce you to incorporating high assurance cryptographic security with hardware security modules ...

Alex Handy

April 5, 2019

Guide to Kubernetes Egress Network Policies

A few months ago, we published a guide to setting up Kubernetes network policies, which focused exclusively on ingress network policies. This follow-up post explains how to enhance your network ...

Viswajith Venugopal

April 5, 2019

Guide to Kubernetes Ingress Network Policies

The container orchestrator war is over, and Kubernetes has won. With companies large and small rapidly adopting the platform, security has emerged as an important concern – partly because of the ...

Viswajith Venugopal

March 22, 2019

11 Kubernetes Admission Controller Best Practices for Security

Kubernetes provides several built-in security capabilities, including network security, resource isolation, access control, and logging and auditing. One of the more recent security capabilities is a ...

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