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In this video, Veer Muchandi covers integrated A/B Deployments and how to test application changes in OpenShift Container Platform 3.3.


Steps to run an A/B test on OpenShift Container Platform 3.3

  • Using the OpenShift web console create a new-app with name app-a. Go to the advanced options and uncheck the route creation option so that the app does not create a route. We will add the route later.
  • Add a route by clicking on the Create Route option next to service app-a. Give a common name for the route as it will frontend multiple versions of the application (e.g.
  • Annotate the route to use roundrobin load balancing method:
oc annotate route/appab
  • Test your app and check the results.
  • Edit the code to make some changes.
  • Using the web console add a new-app with name app-b without a route. Verify that service app-b was created.
  • Now edit the route to split traffic between services app-a and app-b. You can change the percentages and test.
  • Test using curl from your workstation - for example:
for i in {1..20}; do curl; echo ""; done

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