While we didn't really make a big deal about it, you may have noticed that the OpenShift Blog has gone through a makeover in the past few weeks. We didn't want that to get in the way of all the great content we're producing right now, but we did have to take a second to mention that RSS is still here, we just don't have a button on the front page to link to it. For now, as a stop gap, here's the new RSS link for the blog

We'll add that link to the front page as soon as we can, but we hope this helps our users who prefer to read us via RSS. We can only imagine the amazing configurations you've setup in emacs to do this. Thanks for reading, and if you notice anything you don't like about the new blog, please note it down somewhere, as we'll be running a reader survey in the coming weeks. We're here to help you, the users and administrators of OpenShift, so whatever you want, we're going to try our hardest to deliver it to you here.



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