We’re thrilled to announce that Red Hat OpenShift is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Red Hat OpenShift is an enterprise-ready application platform built for open hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategies and innovation. It provides a consistent foundation for building, deploying, managing, and scaling applications across on-site, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and edge infrastructure.

What’s available?


Figure 1. Customer-managed Red Hat OpenShift portfolio.

Visit Self-managed Red Hat OpenShift sizing and subscription guide for more product information.

A unified and flexible platform to address business needs

Red Hat OpenShift offers you a unified, flexible platform to address a variety of business needs by providing:

  • The ability to deploy and run in any environment, the flexibility to build new applications, modernize existing applications, run third-party ISV applications, or use public cloud services under a single platform.
  • The tools necessary to help customers integrate data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning (AI/ML) capabilities into cloud-native applications to deliver more insight and value.
  • Consistency and portability to deploy and manage containerized workloads; make infrastructure and investments future-ready; and deliver speed and flexibility on-premise, across cloud environments, and to the edge of the network.
  • Advanced security and compliance capabilities, allowing end-to-end management and observability across an entire architecture.

With flexible configuration, an open source, security-focused foundation, global network infrastructure, and advanced data analytics, Red Hat is offering the tools and technologies needed to build and operate hybrid and multi-cloud environments effectively and efficiently. Together, these technologies form an integrated hybrid cloud environment that supports cloud-native application development, cluster data management, DevOps, analytics, and AI/ML technologies.

Act now

You can now directly procure Red Hat OpenShift from Google Cloud Marketplace. take advantage of the flexible pricing model, and receive just one invoice from Google Cloud. This includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability for SAP solutions, and Red Hat OpenShift

Visit the Red Hat and Google Cloud page for more product information. Contact your Red Hat account manager for any questions or email redhatgcpinfo@redhat.com.


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