OpenShift is an incredibly flexible platform that can improve your application development with the technologies that you know and the power and experience of Red Hat.

Red Hat Mobile and OpenShift are the perfect way to rapidly deliver a solid mobile experience. Here you will find the resources to start creating cloud-powered mobile applications, that connect to enterprise systems using the latest Frameworks and APIs.

Using OpenShift as a Mobile Backend

In this OpenShift Commons Briefing, John Frizelle walks us through the seamless integration of OpenShift and Red Hat Mobile Application Platform. A very accessible technical talk on the entire workflow from code to fully deployed mobile application.

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform Overview Demo

The Red Hat Application Platform (formerly FeedHenry) brings agility, visibility and efficiency to enterprise mobility. This demo reviews the latest version of the cloud based mobile application platform FeedHenry 3. If you have not used Red Hat Mobile before, this video is perfect to guide you through the basics and jumpstart your development.

How to Build Drag and Drop App Forms in Minutes on FeedHenry3

Create a mobile forms app in minutes, no coding skills required. Forms-based apps are easily created and highly effective effective means of replacing paper or electronic- forms allowing businesses of all types to capture data via smartphones.

Other Resources

Here you will find the right guides wether you are an existing mobile developer, a server-side developer, a project manager or a beginner to the mobile world.

Video Library
See our Video Library for some great quick start guides and tours of the product.

API Docs
Read about the Red Hat Mobile APIs that exist to make calls to the app cloud, or access on-device functionality not normally available to HTML5 apps.

Developer Blog
Read the Developer Blog, where you can find our latest articles, news and tutorials.


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