Red Hat Challenge is an annual competition held in APAC that aims to provide in-depth and hands-on experience for IT students across the region.

It is the 2nd year we are running this across the region.

Nearly 1,000 students from China, Taiwan and Singapore took part in the Red Hat Challenge 2011 – an outstanding response. This year , we are extending the invitation to students from Hong Kong and Malaysia as well.

Making it the biggest Red Hat Challenge.

If you are an undergraduate / full-time student still attending a university, polytechnic or private school in the above regions then you can contest in this challenge.

Here goes the Signup page.

There are 3 rounds in the challenge:

Round 1: Speed Test (Each country, top 20 will go into round 2)

Round 2: Technical Interview (Each country, 2 will go into round 3)

Round 3: Final Hands-on Test (Only 1 winner will be picked)

The competition will take place between November - December 2012.

The final round will be held in Beijing where live streaming of the finals will be shown at the event and our winner will be crowned.

Who's supporting Red Hat Challenge?

Red Hat is committed to cultivating the next generation of talent. We are investing in initiatives that help students gain real world experience and equip themselves with the relevant skill sets and industry knowledge.

With the Red Hat Challenge, we are also able to create a platform that enables students from all over Asia Pacific who share a common interest in working with open source technologies to share knowledge with each other, and as a result promote community-powered innovations through such exchanges.

Beyond that, marketing team also works with the lecturers to ensure that the students are aware of the challenge, is given guidance (e.g. supplement materials to study) for the challenge. And the GSS teams work directly with the schools or partners to promote the challenge in China, as well as the other regions.

The theme this year is "For the Students, by the Students", which was chosen to empower students to engage with the larger Open Source community. In keeping with this year’s theme, we even invited a student from Singapore Polytechnic, Lim Guo Wei, to build the competition platform!

"Hi! I'm Guo Wei and I am proud and honored to say that I helped to create the platform for The Red Hat Challenge 2012!
This is in line with this year's competition theme, "For students, by students", which gave a student like me an opportunity to code a testing platform for participants."
- The platform is developed in Ruby on Rails framework.
- It takes around 1 minutes for the code to be pushed to OpenShift, it is faster to do it on the local machine.
- Code that works on the local machine works on OpenShift.
- OpenShift is quite easy to use and fast to deploy especially via the automated deployment scripts.

And this app which hosted on OpenShift has been tested with JMeter in order to make sure it works well with high load.

What's more on OpenShift?

OpenShift is not only hosted the Signup app, but also many parts during "Red Hat Challenge 2012" like the system of Round 1 Test.

The features include:

- It supports 3 Languages (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English)

- It is programed using Open Source License

- It uses all Open Source technologies

- It has administrator module

- The application support 500 questions bank

- It randomized the questions and gives 100 questions to each contestant



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