At Red Hat Summit 2019, we launched Red Hat OpenShift 4, the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform redesigned to embrace the concept of Kubernetes Operators. Operators package key human operational knowledge and best practices into an application, helping to automate management and deployment on top of Kubernetes, essentially delivering an application on Kubernetes much like a cloud-based service. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve extended the power of Red Hat OpenShift 4 and Kubernetes Operators to Google Cloud with updates to Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated.

OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud provides a managed service to customers who want the benefits of enterprise Kubernetes running on Google’s highly-scalable public cloud. Now, with OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud updated to encompass the new capabilities of Red Hat OpenShift 4, organizations running managed OpenShift on Google Cloud have even more capabilities to fuel digital transformation strategies.

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud now includes:

  • The same OpenShift platform that more than 1,700 enterprises already rely on with support for Red Hat OpenShift Certified Operators and an extensive set of developer and operations tools.
  • Integration into Red Hat OpenShift Cluster Manager for visibility into all of a customer’s OpenShift Clusters, whether installed in a cloud or on-premises.
  • Extended node sizes to help deliver managed infrastructure that can scale to meet shifting organizational IT needs.
  • Single and multiple availability zones

Customers using Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud do not need a Google Cloud subscription; instead, clusters can be provisioned via Red Hat-owned Google Cloud accounts. With these updates, we’ve continued to make the most comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform available on every major cloud and architecture, enabling customers to take advantage of transformative cloud-native technologies to address their use cases or infrastructure needs.

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