We recently blogged about deleting some of our quickstarts that were also being maintained by a community upstream. We got caught up in the excitement of cleaning up our GitHub repository and have also decided to move some quickstarts around. We are moving most quickstarts into openshift-quickstart so that they'll be easier to find and openshift can primarily contain platform code (and some of our really critical quickstarts).

This move shouldn't require any changes on your part. Even if you've added the upstream repository as a remote, GitHub creates a redirect so you can still fetch from the old remote name. If you would like to update your references, you can run the following command 1:

git remote set-url remote_name new_url


These repositories are now located under the openshift-quickstart organization. Unless otherwise specified, the original repositories were in the openshift organization.

  • BookMarks-openshift-quickstart
  • OSQA-openshift-quickstart
  • bottle-openshift-quickstart
  • croogoExample
  • dancer-example
  • elgg-openshift-quickstart
  • farmstand-nodejs-mongodb-example
  • frogcms-example
  • gdbflee
  • gollum-openshifted
  • jbossas-mongoDB-quickstart
  • juvia-example
  • kitchensink-html5-mobile-example
  • logentries-openshift-quickstart
  • mediawiki-example
  • nestacms-example
  • nodejs-custom-version-openshift
  • nodejs-example
  • openshift-diy-java-demo
  • openshift-diy-py27-django
  • openshift-glassfish3-sample
  • openshift-hellotornado
  • openshift-mongo-flask-example
  • openshift-mongo-node-express-example
  • openshift-myshoppinglist
  • openshift-ogm-quickstart
  • openshift-pyrocms
  • openshift-tomcat-quickstart
  • openshift-twt-mongo-demo
  • openshiftwebpy
  • phpbb-example
  • phpmongotweet-example
  • redis-openshift-example
  • reviewboard-example
  • ringojs-openshift-example
  • simple_node_express_mongo
  • sqlbuddy-openshift-quickstart
  • sugarcrm-example
  • tweetstream-example
  • weinre-quickstart
  • wolfcms-example
  • fabianofranz/tiny_tiny_rss-openshift-quickstart

  1. https://help.github.com/articles/how-to-transfer-a-repository#redirects-and-git-remotes ?



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