In this briefing, Bill Dettelback, Red Hat’s Quay Engineering Manager and Tom McKay, Engineer Lead for Quay walk through Quay v3.1’s features, give a short demo of the new features and discuss the road map for future Quay releases, including a progress update on the open sourcing of Quay.

Slides: Quay 3.1 OpenShift Briefing

About Quay

Quay is a container image registry that enables you to build, organize, distribute and deploy containers. Quay gives you security over your repositories with image vulnerability scanning and robust access controls. Fully OCI compliant, Quay provides a scaleable platform to host container images across any size organization.

Quay works out of the box as a standalone container registry, requiring only a database and reliable storage for your container images. With minimal infrastructure requirements, Quay is designed to scale easily as your container image volumes grow and can run on everything from a laptop to enterprise-class servers. If you are looking for enterprise-level support, Red Hat offers as a hosted service, or Red Hat Quay for on-premise or private-cloud deployments.

Quay was first released in 2013, as the first enterprise hosted registry. Six years later, we’re celebrating the first major release of the container registry since it joined the Red Hat portfolio of products through the acquisition of CoreOS in 2018 and watch for an announcement soon of the coming Open Source release of Project Quay!

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This group is for discussion, best practices and help deploying, integrating and implementing quay.

Additional Resources:

Quay documentation

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