Quarkus offers drastically reduced memory footprints for Java applications

We've got some exciting news for Java users. Red Hat is now offering Quarkus as a fully supported Java runtime as a part of Red Hat Runtimes. This bolsters a number of products and projects in the Red Hat portfolio that now leverage the power of Quarkus, including Camel-K, Kogito, 3scale, Keycloak (SSO), and Infinispan (Data Grid). Quarkus and its ecosystem allows our customers and their developers to continue to rely on Red Hat to provide enterprise-grade Java technologies on which to build their business. Combining Quarkus with our larger Open Hybrid Cloud portfolio results in a very compelling offering for customers looking to build better software, get to market faster, and remain competitive.

But wait, what exactly is Quarkus? The elevator pitch is: A Kubernetes Native Java stack tailored for OpenJDK HotSpot and GraalVM, crafted from the best of breed Java libraries and standards. In English, it's a very small Java stack, perfect for containers, serverless and other scenarios where you're running Java applications in the cloud.

Interested? Here's some info on your possible next steps to get to know Quarkus:

  • Quarkus Hackathon: Kicked off last week and extending through July 22, this hackathon targets Java developers and challenges them to build Quarkus apps across a number of categories, with a $30,000 prize pool. Explore the site at quarkus.devpost.com, don’t miss the opening ceremony and please share with your social circles!
  • Quarkus Master Courses: Led by the Red Hat Developer team, these series of live events take a deep dive into the fundamentals of Quarkus from the experts in the community. Quarkus will be featured in two upcoming courses on July 22nd and 24th. Registration is free and available at developers.redhat.com/devnation.
  • IDC Quarkus Lab Validation: This report, written by IDC and recently published on redhat.com, compares Quarkus with another widely used Java framework for cloud-native development. It is a very powerful validation study that shows the concrete technical and business values of Quarkus.


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