Run workloads anywhere: your cloud of choice or on premises, rapidly deliver apps with ease, and automate cost-optimization at enterprise scale.

In today’s open hybrid world, development and IT teams seek flexibility running workloads on premise and in the public cloud. Red Hat and NetApp have a long history of partnering to deliver market-leading innovations that simplify data protection for cloud-native applications running on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Announcing Astra Control Center operator

Today, we’re announcing the availability of Red Hat OpenShift certified Astra Control Center operator. Astra offers stateful Kubernetes workloads a rich set of storage and application-aware data management services powered by NetApp’s trusted data protection technology. 

When you protect your cloud-native applications using Astra, you can rely on the familiar, simplified operational model of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and the enterprise data management capabilities of NetApp ONTAP. With the Astra operator, you can expect to:

  • Experience ”less toil” with operators
    Operators replace difficult and tedious manual application management tasks with scalable, repeatable, and standardized ones. OpenShift operators let administrators maintain control with streamlined automation of services and framework while giving developers and users self-service and on-demand access to value-add components.

  • Bring all your workloads to Kubernetes
    As a user of best-of-breed technologies from Red Hat and NetApp, you have the freedom to adopt Kubernetes across all workloads in your enterprise, which affords the ability to:
    • Run virtualized and containerized workloads simultaneously
    • Scale infrastructure independently based on workload demands
    • Institute multitenancy with performance guarantees
    • Establish API-driven and programmable infrastructure to keep pace with microservices agility
  • Protect, back up, and migrate OpenShift applications
    Astra provides a holistic view of application protection by taking snapshots and backups of OpenShift application resources and persistent volumes (PVs) provisioned on NetApp storage. You can leverage Astra to create policy-based, application-consistent snapshots and backups to meet the business continuity needs of your OpenShift applications while having the flexibility to migrate applications on demand between OpenShift projects or across OpenShift clusters.
  • Leverage consistent UI and API for application data management
    Your application stack likely includes a diverse set of open-source and home-grown containerized services. Each can have custom data-persistence requirements, file or block storage, and Kubernetes resource profile as specified in its manifest. In addition, a cluster can host hundreds or thousands of application stacks. With Astra, you can access a unified console for data-management operations and a catalog of any application running on any Kubernetes cluster.
  • Tap into both Red Hat and NetApp support
    Red Hat certified operators are monitored and updated to reduce interoperability failures and security risks. In addition, a certified operator on OpenShift helps ensure:

Accessing OperatorHub on Red Hat OpenShift Web Console

Now, you can discover and manage Astra the same way you manage your other OpenShift applications. Availability in the OperatorHub on Red Hat OpenShift Web Console enables one-click operations to deploy and manage Astra across deployment environments.

Start protecting your Kubernetes applications today

Join the growing community of developers and enterprises bringing their data-rich applications to Kubernetes by trying free trials of Red Hat OpenShift and Astra Control today. Want more? Check out Net App and Red Hat hybrid cloud offerings.

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