Go bigger and go faster! That's the theme of this week's show with Jeremy Eder (@jeremyeder, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat), as we discuss the newly formed Kubernetes Resource Management Working Group. The show focuses on how this cross-functional group is working on these core strategies:

  • Support for performance sensitive workloads (exclusive cores, cpu pinning strategies, NUMA)
  • Integrating new hardware devices (GPUs, FPGAs, Infiniband, etc.)
  • Improving resource isolation (local storage, hugepages, caches, etc.)
  • Improving Quality of Service (performance SLOs)
  • Performance benchmarking
  • APIs and extensions related to the features mentioned above

Jeremy gives us great insight into how the WG is taking input from customer-centric communities such as Financial Services, Telecom, High-Performance Computing and Scientific Research, and Animation (as well as many others) to drive the next broad set of applications to run on Kubernetes.

The show will always be available on this blog (search: #PodCTL), as well as RSS FeedsiTunesGoogle PlaySoundCloudStitcherTuneIn and all your favorite podcast players.



OpenShift Container Platform, Thought Leadership

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