In a world of open source projects, privately funded companies, one-off cloud services and a mix of public companies, it can often be difficult to determine hype from trends from real usage. This week we took a look at several recent reports, both data-usage and user-surveys to better understand how information about containers and Kubernetes is being reported in the marketplace. In this show, we highlight some critical factors to consider when looking at reports:

  1. Source of the information
  2. Size of the surveys
  3. Granularity of information collected
  4. When the data comes from usage or surveys
  5. How to leverage more than one report to cross-reference views of the market when just one report is not enough

We also looked at some of the limitations of reports that could be misunderstood to provide an incorrect view on the marketplace. Finally, we highlighted some critical elements of these reports, which could help container buyers and users better leverage the experience of the marketplace to help them create better ROI justifications, as well as what to expect as their container and Kubernetes environments grow over time.

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Kubernetes, OpenShift Container Platform, How-tos, Containers, Thought Leadership, Red Hat CoreOS

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