Summertime is typically a slow news cycle for technology, so some people find time to relax, while others use it as an opportunity to learning something new. One activity that draws lots of people eager to learn are the OpenShift roadshow, where both Application Developers and IT Operations can get hands-on with OpenShift and related technologies.

This week we sat down with one of the members of the team that create and rollout the OpenShift roadshows, Erik Jacobs. We discussed how they create the content and lab environments, what attendees can expect to learn, as well as how 3rd-party groups can setup their own roadshow in their place of work or at a community event. Links to all of the content and environments (on GitHub) is available in the show notes.

The show will always be available on this blog (search: #PodCTL), as well as RSS FeedsiTunesGoogle PlayStitcherTuneIn and all your favorite podcast players.


Kubernetes, OpenShift Container Platform, How-tos, Operator Framework, Red Hat Quay Registry, Containers, Thought Leadership

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