Depending on who you ask, you're very likely to get many different answers to the question, "Who uses Kubernetes?". In some cases, it's the Operations team running the Kubernetes platform (e.g. OpenShift), managing scale, availability, security and deployments in multiple cloud environments. In some cases, it's the Development team interacting with manifest files (e.g. Helm, OpenShift Templates) for their applications, or integrating middleware services. Still other cases have blended DevOps teams that are redefining roles, responsibilities and tool usage.

This week we looked at Joe Beda's "The Road to More Usable Kubernetes" talk from KubeCon 2017 Austin, with a focus on the intersections between Operators and Developers, and Clusters/Services and Applications. The show focused on what tools are available for tasks within each of those quadrants, as well as how well the community was providing for those tasks today. We also called out areas where the community was focusing new attention to solve existing shortcomings.

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