This week there was quite a bit of news from the Kubernetes community, highlighted by Red Hat's acquisition of CoreOS, and some new entrants (Cisco, Heptio) into the Kubernetes market. The three announcements showcased a broad range of approaches into the market, from open-source-centric to hardware-integrations to new business models for support.

Next week look at the emerging discussion around what developers want to care about, and how well CaaS vs. PaaS distinctions serves those demands. We look at how we now have standardization around container formats/runtimes, and strong community support around Kubernetes, so is there still a need for IT organizations to build separate frameworks, platforms, silos for different developer interaction models. We expanded on this discussion by looking at some of the emerging serverless/FaaS trends, and how they all start to just become features of a unified approach to getting applications onto orchestrated containers.

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