What happened to Episode #13? We threw that one to the scrap pile of "don't mess with bad superstitions".

This week we brought back the news from the Kubernetes community. Seems like everybody is now on the Kubernetes train, in one way or another. But not all Kubernetes data-sheet checkboxes are the same, so make sure you're doing your homework on how the implementation will be delivered, maintained, and supported to your specific environments needs.

Finally, we started digging into the many layers of container security. There's no way we could cover all of it in a single show, so we approached it from a layered model....since that's a very logical and engineering-centric way to look at security. We covered container hosts, container registries, application content and application build-pipelines. We'll cover additional layers of the security stack (Kubernetes, multi-cloud, etc.) in upcoming episodes.

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