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Thien Tran Duy

  • Name: Thien Tran Duy

Learn more about Phanbook in our App Gallery

What inspired you to be a developer?

Before becoming a developer, I learned theoretical physics. When I became a developer, I wanted to learn more and knew this was my career path.

Why did you choose OpenShift as your hosting platform?

OpenShift gives the freedom to quickly deploy applications without hassle. It is one of the few reliable hosting solutions for Phalcon PHP. You just to edit code then push to OpenShift, that is awesome.

What advantages does OpenShift give you that other platforms don't?

OpenShift is developer friendly. Deploying and redeploying is easy and it provides the ability to host a variety of applications. It also has a free plan which doesn’t even ask for a credit card! OpenShift is designed by Red Hat and I'm also a fan of Fedora and Red Hat Linux.

Tell us more about your application currently hosted on OpenShift:
  • Name: Phanbook
  • What does it do? Phanbook is the next-generation Q&A, Forum and CMS software. It is an online discussion and question/answer site for professionals and enthusiasts. The name Phanbook means - Phan(Phalcon PHP) book(your note book).
  • What technologies were used to create your app? PHP, Phalcon PHP, MySql, Elastichsearch, Jquery,Beanstalk, Twitter Bootstrap, Docker, etc
  • What motivated you to create this application and what problems does it solve? There are over 40 different PHP CMS and Forum sites. Each CMS or Forum has a special feature; speed, documentation, easy customization, etc. Phanbook is "the next big thing" in CMS and Forum PHP because it has features like Wordpress and Drupal and is easy to use.
  • If your application is open source, how can others contribute or get involved? It is open source: To contribute you just to clone it running a command line, then add a feature and create a pull request for us, get additional information here.


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