Let me start by expressing how thrilled we are about the traction that OpenShift is experiencing, this positive momentum is based on concrete facts.

OpenShift Origin

Within only a few months of life the open source project OpenShift Origin is generating a healthy development community which translates into innovation and quality for the community and for the upcoming OpenShift on-line and on-premise commercial subscriptions.

Growing Partner Ecosystem

Our partners ecosystem keeps growing with additions like 10Gen’s MongoDB and Zend's PHP who are joining the group of communities and providers that are creating amazing synergy between their technologies and the core PaaS services in OpenShift.


Our leadership on 100% pure Java and EE6 through JBoss Community Projects and Enterpise App Platform Product makes OpenShift the most compelling Java PaaS.

With all these achievements we have renewed energy and strategy validation to keep working hard on the execution of our roadmap.

Current State of the OpenShift Roadmap

Early Q4 2012:

  • Red Hat Contribution of the Self-Service Web Console to the OpenShift Origin open source project
  • Red Hat Contribution of the RHEL High-Density App Allocation Technology to the OpenShift Origin project

Q4 2012:

  • OpenShift Origin Project Improvements: Public Builds through Continuous Integration and Cartridge Building Tutorial
  • Native Websockets Support
  • Usage/Quota/Scaling Visibility in CLI and Web Console
  • Native Support for both: Basic Java Web and Full JEE Containers (currently JBoss is native and Tomcat via DIY)

Early 2013

  • OpenShift Online Service GA Launch, Paid service that goes over the 3 free Gears, plus Pro Support, and more
  • OpenShift Enterprise GA Launch, Paid and supported subscription to run your own PaaS in your private data center
  • Revised Cartridge Specification and Cartridge SDK


  • Native Caching as a Service (instead of being supported only via DIY Cartridge)
  • Additional Options and Further Flexibility for OpenShift’s NoSQL as a Service Capabilities
  • Additional Languages and Frameworks (Prioritizing the highly voted ones)

Note: As a result of OpenShift's community-driven agile development process items and dates in our roadmap are subject to change.

What's Next?

We are honored by the positive feedback provided by IT, Ops, and Dev professionals using OpenShift and experiencing for themselves the concrete benefits of a real Open-Hybrid PaaS in public, private, and hybrid clouds scenarios. We are looking forward to continuing to work and innovate with you, so please...


Juan Noceda

OpenShift Senior Product Manager - Red Hat, Inc.

Twitter: @Juan_Noceda


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