Installing the OpenShift Origin Broker on Gentoo by Benjamin Codero

A Review of OpenShift from FOSSCON from the Data Devastation Blog

Hacking OpenShift to run the Lightweight HTTP Server nginx by Maximilianus Ledy Huang

Designing MongoDB scemas with embedded, non-embeded and bucket structures by Nick Heudecker

Getting Started with PHP, CodeIgniter, MongoDB and the Cloud by Grant Shipley

OpenShift is a Rails friend PaaS - Part 2 by Marek Jelen

Hack OpenShift to run GlassFish with DIY cartridge by Linqing Lu

New OpenShift Origin Release - Smoother Install, Better Builds and New Admin Scripts by Krishna Raman

Testing the new features of Java 7 in the Cloud by Marek Jelen

Choosing PHP Frameworks for the Cloud by Grant Shipley

New OpenShift Release - Aug 8, 2012 - Java 7, CakePHP, Origin Updates and more! by Mike McGrath

Why PingBox moved off Google App Engine to OpenShift from the Hypesurfer Blog

Build a PaaS - The OpenShift Broker: Writing a Plugin Part 1 by Mark Lamourine

Spring MVC + Spring Data for MongoDB + MongoLab + OpenShift by Tim Spann

Setting up Drupal and a custom domain on OpenShift by Christopher J. Volny

OpenShift PaaS Weekly Tips and Tricks - August 4, 2012 by Nam Duong


OpenShift deployable SILPA instance rewritten with Flask micro framework by @vasudevkamath

Odds and Ends

OpenShift Documenation got a reboot this week. Check out the new layout.

Cool app by Fabian Franz called London Lens 2012 that lets you watch the Olympics through other people's eyes, powered by OpenShift, Java EE6, JBoss AS7, HTML5 and CSS3 (Boilerplate)

Richard Morrell keeps on banging out great podcasts week after week. This episode is a chat with Tim Marston talking about MongoDB and OpenShift



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