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On April 14th in Portland, Oregon, we held our first OpenShift Origin Community Day event. The sold-out room was packed with developers, cloud architects, and fellow Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) enthusiasts who gathered to take a deep-dive into Red Hat's OpenShift Origin engineering efforts. With the release of OpenShift Origin 1.0 out the door just a week prior, a new Cartridge architecture to unveil, and an SELinux guru in the room, there were a lot of topics jammed into one day. The event also coincided with the OpenStack Summit, so we squeezed in an overview of OpenStack with a walk-thru into deploying OpenShift on OpenStack using Heat, the new OpenStack service for orchestrating multiple composite cloud applications.

Below you'll find all the links to the resources mentioned during the day, along with links to videos of all the presentations and the slide decks.

Launch of a New Point of Origin for OpenShift developers

The day started a review of the new re-designed github OpenShift Origin project site ( ) where everything you need to get started with the next generation of Platform as a Service (PaaS) was unveiled along with a new community-designed Origin logo - This site contains quick links to download the latest VM images of Origin, the Origin documentation, guidelines for contributors to the project and all the source code for Origin and its related projects.

The State of the OpenShift Origin Community

We took a quick look of the many and varied community members from cloud architects, SELinux gurus, developers, and end users to stargazers. We quickly recognized and gave thanks for the community of online & enterprise users upstream who are making a huge contribution in terms of bugs found & fixed, enhancement requests made & cartridges being developed and that the users continue to the driving force in the evolution & adaptation of Origin. If you're looking to see who's actually working on OpenShift Origin, it's all very public and transparent. You can easily see who's working on what project - the Origin-Server for example - by checking out the list at While we still admittedly have a large contingent of Red Hatters on the list, the numbers of external contributors is steadily growing.

Once all the community love was out of the way, the day began in earnest. It was a tightly packed agenda, and all of the sessions were recorded, the videos & the slides of the rest of the day's presentations can all be found on our youtube & slideshare channels.

Watch Videos of All the Talks Now

In order of appearance - here are the links to the videos of the day's presenations:

Welcome to the OpenShift Origin Community with Diane Mueller, Red Hat

Introduction to OpenShift with Bill DeCoste, Red Hat

OpenStack + OpenShift Integration with Chris Wright & Krishna Raman, Red Hat

DevOps @ OpenShift Online with Adam Miller, Red Hat

OpenShift Origin Internals with Bill DeCoste & Krishna Raman, Red Hat

SELinux & PaaS: Deep Dive on Multi-tenancy Containers and Security with Dan Walsh, Red Hat

Extending OpenShift Origin: Writing Cartridges V2 with Bill DeCoste, Red Hat

Hightlights and Hacks

One of the highlights of the day was the demonstration by Krishna Raman of Deploying OpenShift on OpenStack using Heat, the new orchestration service that is coming in the Havana release of OpenStack. Having Red Hat's Dan Walsh in the house to explain how SELinux is used to make OpenShift Origin the most secure PaaS available today was another highlight. He did a great job debunking the myth of lxc containerization as a sufficient strategy for security and made true SELinux believers out of everyone in the room.

The last session of the day walked everyone thru the new Cartridge architecture and got us on a solid footing for the mini-hack-a-thon that followed the day of intense technical diving. Over beers & pizza, attendees from New Relic & Riak worked on building community cartridges side-by-side with Red Hat engineers, a pull request from an OpenShift Enterprise user on the origin-server was reviewed, tested and merged into the core, everyone got to install the latest release of Origin on their desktops and even a few new applications were deployed to OpenShift Online. Kudos to everyone for making such a great community event!

So when's the next Community event?

If you missed this OpenShift Origin Community Day, don't worry, there will be others. We have two events already in the planning stages: one in Mountain View, CA. and another in Boston, MA. We'll let you know as soon as the dates and venues are firmed up.

Until then, join us every Friday morning at 9:00 am Pacific Time on irc (freenode: openshift-dev) for our weekly community hour where we all get together 'virtually', discuss the latest pull requests, answer questions and listen for your insights into the future direction of OpenShift Origin.

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