About the OpenShift Online Next Gen Developer Preview

With the Red Hat announcement the Next Generation of OpenShift Online, a Developer Preview of the platform is being made available to get the experience in the hands of the developer. The purpose of this program is get the OpenShift 3 container application platform into the hands of developers; building containerized applications, deploy at scale and providing/consuming microservices and more.  

How to get it

Simply register and you’ll be notified when you have been granted access. This is a first come first serve process, with a limited number of seats at the table. So get in line early! (and please be patient).

What you get



30 day access to a hosted version of OpenShift, with 2 GB of RAM and 4 CPU cores to share across your containers. Also need some storage? You’ll get 2x 1 GB persistent storage volumes to access from your containers.


  • Source-to-image build process for rapidly and easily turning your source code into containerized applications ready to be deployed at scale.
  • Catalog of frameworks and technologies to get you going quickly with your application needs: Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, …
  • Easy to use access from Web browser and CLI, as well as tools you are used to using such as Eclipse and docker.
  • Ability to scale deployments and leverage various deployment models.
  • Automated build and deployments based on changes from source code or image.

Getting started

Once you get your notification that you have been granted access, you can jump into and get going right away. If you’d like some guidance, there are getting started guides: one for a basic walkthrough the web console or more advanced using the command line tools.

There are also a number of blog posts to show you the way as well:

You may want to also get your hands on a copy of OpenShift for Developers – Oreilly book covering version 3 of the platform.

Other things you might want to know

While you are in the preview

We will be working to ensure you have a smooth experience, though feel free to leverage the help links at the top navigation bar in the web console. There will be cases when you are trying to create more resources or request more by scaling up, some of resource quotas will prevent you from being able to complete some tasks. For additional information, consult the current usage considerations.

If you previously used OpenShift Online, you should check out information about the changes in the platform.

If you have additional questions, be sure to also check out the Developer Preview FAQ.

When you are nearing the end of your preview

We’ll remind you when your preview will be expiring and give you enough time to save off anything you’d like. After your preview has expired, you can sign up again and continue to your enjoyment on the platform. Though, there are many other ways to get continuous access to OpenShift’s container application platform through various other offerings: OpenShift Dedicated, OpenShift Enterprise or upstream OpenShift Origin.


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