Diamanti solves the most challenging networking and storage requirements that organizations face when moving containerized workloads from development into production, especially when operational speed matters.  While there are many ways to build and deploy applications, Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) is the clear path forward.  Containers and CI/CD reinforce each other to create a repeatable, automated application lifecycle with a strong emphasis on testing to deliver high quality services.

Reduced downtime and fewer weekend emergencies are just a couple of the CI/CD benefits that result from thorough testing and eliminating manual configuration.  An enterprise container user underscored this point, explaining that devops teams don’t log into production containers to make changes.  Instead, devops teams ensure the app will work at deployment time, by fixing and testing code in development.  

Diamanti infrastructure as code

The Diamanti appliance plugs into existing environments and delivers guaranteed performance and 10X improvements in I/O throughput and latency, allowing developers and operators to predictably deploy, scale, and manage containers without time-­consuming customization.

Diamanti persistent storage

Diamanti and Red Hat share a containerized CI/CD vision.  We’re collaborating to enable automated application testing and deployment from the infrastructure layer on up.  Too many production issues stem from improper infrastructure configuration and mismatches with the dev/test environment.  Starting with the Docker container runtime and Kubernetes orchestration, we provide control over network and storage from within the OpenShift and Kubernetes pod definition.  The same vendor-agnostic interface also exposes performance controls to devops teams.

Diamanti volumes in Openshift

Predictable network and storage

Diamanti accelerates devops workflows built around Red Hat OpenShift with declarative, immutable infrastructure.  Users define CPU, memory, network, and storage requirements for each application.  Whether deploying a pod once of many times, Diamanti users get exactly what they asked for - no tweaking or changes in production.

Diamanti performance dashboard
If you’re attending Red Hat Summit, visit Red Hat’s OpenShift area for a live demo and stop by Diamanti’s booth to learn more.  You’ll see persistent volumes for containers with low-latency storage and guaranteed performance plus container networking with quality-of-service that interoperates with existing data center environments.  We believe our integrated approach to container infrastructure will substantially shorten your devops cycles and facilitate a smooth CI/CD pipeline.


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