You have probably heard about OpenShift 3 if you have been following the open source project or have interest in Kubernetes.  What you may not have had the chance to do yet is play around with it to learn how everything works. With the announcement of the OpenShift Online Next Gen Developer Preview you have more options than ever to use the platform.  

Those options include the following:

Online Developer Preview - A free multi-tenant service provided by Red Hat in the public cloud.

OpenShift Dedicated - A dedicated environment managed by the OpenShift team for your company or organization.

OpenShift Enterprise - An on-premise deployment running inside of your firewall on your own hardware.

OpenShift Origin - The upstream open source code.


Recently, I co-authored an O'Reilly book with Graham Dumpleton titled “OpenShift for Developers” that covers version 3 of the OpenShift Platform. With the announcement of Online Developer Preview, OpenShift has kindly sponsored the electronic version of the book which they are offering as a free download.  


You can download the electronic version of the book at:

While the book uses the upstream OpenShift Origin code base, all of the example are applicable to the Developer Preview version of OpenShift Online and is a great starting point to get familiar with the platform. The book uses the Java programming language but the language is just a tool for showing how to use and interact with the platform. The content in the book can be easily applied to the programming language of your choice.


In the book, you will learn the following concepts:

  • Learn about OpenShift’s core technology, including Docker-based containers and Kubernetes
  • Create and deploy your first application on the OpenShift platform
  • Add language runtime dependencies and connect to a database
  • Trigger an automatic rebuild and redeployment when you push changes to the repository
  • Get a working environment up in minutes with application templates
  • Use commands to check and debug your application
  • Create and build Docker-based images for your application


I hope you enjoy this free book that will help you get up and running on OpenShift Online Developer Preview.


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