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Name: Jonas Sevcik

Hometown: Brno, Czech Republic

Twitter and blog: N/A

Primary development language(s): Java

Technology you're most interested in right now: Android, sensors in mobile devices, cloud computing.

Application currently hosted on OpenShift: SmartLib

Technologies used: Ruby, MySQL, JSON, Java, PostgreSQL, GWT.

What's it do?

SmartLib is a mobile catalog for libraries of Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic). It is a mashup of several services to offer easy access to library catalogues of MU.

What motivated you to create the application?

SmartLib’s goal is to make access to library catalogs easier. We combine standard catalog functionality with access to 3rd party services and we are adding advantages of mobile phones e.g. barcode scanning. We develop this system for fun; we like to learn from using new technologies.

What are the most compelling features of OpenShift?

Starting development and publishing are really easy and mainly, it is for FREE.

What are some features you'd like to see in OpenShift?

An ability to set up alias in a web console would be appreciated.


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