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Name: Ivo Bek

Hometown: Brno, Czech Republic

Twitter: @ivobek

Primary development language(s): Java

Technology you're most interested in right now: SwitchYard

Application currently hosted on OpenShift: Teree

Technologies used: Java EE, GWT, JBoss Errai, Scribe, MongoDB

What's it do?

Teree is a structured information database with a tree representation that can be used as a mind mapping tool. It allows you to add variety of types of nodes like pictures, links or icons with text.

What motivated you to create the application?

To finally learn GWT and MongoDB. Also I have some innovative ideas for mind mapping and I wanted to create an online mind mapping tool that is very similar to FreeMind in simple using and conservative style.

What are the most compelling features of OpenShift?

Almost instantly prepared environment to publish my application and connect to MongoDB. It was really quick and easy - I didn't need any linux administration skills.

What are some features you'd like to see in OpenShift?

A better way to deploy my application on application server (e.g. through admin console) instead of git repository.


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