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  • Name: Christopher Langton
  • Twitter and blog: @chrisdlangton, http://codewiz.biz
  • Primary development language(s): PHP
  • Technology you're most interested in right now: Node.js
  • Application currently hosted on OpenShift: Open Group Chat
  • Technologies used: Node.js with modules, Socket.IO express async, Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS front-end

What's it do?

Chat between PCs openly. Nothing is logged anywhere. Ever.

What motivated you to create the application?

Open and private unrecorded chat is rare, if not non-existent. I plan to reintroduce this to the craving Internet users.

What are the most compelling features of OpenShift?

Ease of use for start up apps, Websockets!!! and the fact that it's a Red Hat product.

What are some features you'd like to see in OpenShift?

More Node.js build options via the package.json file during deployment. Web-based terminal or allowing c9.io access to SSH into OpenShift to enable the terminal via their IDE web-based terminal.



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