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Name: Abhijit Ghosh

Hometown: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Twitter: srccodes

Primary development language(s): Java / J2EE

Technology you're most interested in right now: Cloud Technology

Application currently hosted on OpenShift: srccodes.com

Technologies used: Spring 3, Hibernate 4, EHCache 2, Lucene, Quartz, Apache Tiles, SLF4j + log4j, XML, JSP, Html, JQuery, MySQL

What's it do?

It's a web platform where developers / architect can share Java/J2ee based technical articles / source codes / examples.

What motivated you to create the application?

Initially I started to develop this application to enhance / refresh my technical knowledges. And thanks to Openshift.com, I got the platform to make this application live in web. As per google analytics, within 2-3 months of this application, 100+ users hit this site per day. And then thought of making this site as a java / j2ee technology knowledge sharing platform.

What are the most compelling features of OpenShift?

Technical articles / source codes / examples are written on request of user.

What are some features you'd like to see in OpenShift?

Real time knowledge sharing session using text / audio / video chat by community / social developers. Social developers / architects will post their availability and users can schedule appointment with them and take help on real time basis.


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