Red Hat can take your data and its applications anywhere in the hybrid cloud securely. With features like encryption and key management, Red Hat extends the security around your platform to your data as it unlocks innovation, avoiding vendor lock-in with a common security-assets approach that is independent of infrastructure specifics. Red Hat helps achieve new levels of data confidentiality, integrity, and availability, because you can control who has access to data, and we help you ensure that data is trustworthy, unmodified and accessible when needed.

If you missed the renaming, Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation encompasses the products and services that used to be known as Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage. Under either name, however, the software does the same thing: builds and controls a software-defined storage  for container-based clusters.

Storage is an important aspect of any cluster, and as such, we've been hard at work to build out an open source storage platform that plays well with others and can exist in environments that may present a challenge to tradition storage solutions. As such, we've partnered with a number of companies and platforms to build out compatible systems that can be used to enable your success.

This week, we're announcing the following Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundations partnerships:

Starburst allows customers to see the invisible, achieve the impossible. Starburst and Red Hat OpenShift operators provide auto-configuration, auto-tuning, and auto-management of clusters with high availability & graceful scaledown. Red Hat OpenShift can automatically scale the Trino worker cluster based on query load. Find out how to query data with no data wrangling in this video. More information can be found here.

Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation is engineered, tested, and qualified to provide data services for Red Hat OpenShift, simplifying Day 1 and Day 2 operations. But what about Day 0? In partnership with Intel, recommended data nodes for OpenShift Data Foundation deliver a complete software and hardware platform based on best practices. These configurations accelerate Day 0 planning and greatly reduce Time to Value offering simplified access, a consistent experience, and massive scalability. Find out more. More information can be found here.

Trilio is a foundation partner for Red Hat’s Open Hybrid Cloud platforms working closely to certify and tightly integrate data protection solutions for the Red Hat suite of platforms and tools so customers can easily meet service-level agreements and compliance requirements. Hear more from CEO David Safaii about how Trilio is helping customers protect their container-based applications in Red Hat OpenShift. More information can be found here.

Data practitioners have significant resources and documentation for Red Hat products, but they are often lacking examples and sample code for using a solution ecosystem in the pursuit of creating workflows for key use cases. The Red Hat data engineering jumpstart library provides data practitioners with sample working solutions to familiar industry challenges using modular patterns developed and deployed on Red Hat OpenShift. Hear about the benefits of these data engineering patterns here. More information can be found here.


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