OpenShift Commons
continues to build industry momentum and has reached 300+ member organizations as Google, Intel, F5, RackSpace, and Sysdig join other industry leaders such as Microsoft and Cisco to collaborate across the OpenShift ecosystem. OpenShift Commons is Red Hat's open source community where OpenShift users, partners, customers, and contributors come together to collaborate and work together on OpenShift.

Industry-wide Momentum for Community Collaboration on OpenShift Continues to Build

It's not every day that you see 300+ organizations come together to collaborate on anything, let alone do it in the open and with such enthusiasm. We're pleased to have industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft, Intel, and others continue to join the conversations. We're just as thrilled to welcome the wide range of service providers, upstream projects, end users, and consulting organizations who have joined as well.

It's indicative that the 300th member organization, University of Toronto, came from the .EDU sector. Our inclusive and diverse community includes many types of organizations with production deployments of OpenShift. These companies, such as Amadeus, APTCO, American Express, CBC, FICO, Macquarie, Globo, ZTE, and .GOVs span the globe and multiple markets.

Take a look at the 100+ past OpenShift Commons Briefing recordings on the OpenShift Youtube channel and it's easy to see the depth and breadth of the conversations and technologies that are driving innovation into and around the OpenShift platform. It's these cross-community collaborations and conversations that have helped make OpenShift the industry standard container application platform.

Beginning with OpenShift's early adoption and support of Kubernetes, containers, and cloud-related technologies, the OpenShift Commons has been the place to come to hear the latest updates on new releases and product roadmaps and for the community to give direct feedback to the engineers and contributors working on OpenShift Origin and all its related upstream projects.

We Have More in Common than You Know

All of these diverse participating organizations play an important part in the OpenShift Commons community. One of the outcomes of all this cross-community collaboration has been a huge increase in the number of companies contributing code back to OpenShift. Contributions go well beyond code commits and pull requests, participants share their lessons learned, best practices, feedback and technical expertise in briefings, meetups, gathering and slack channels every day. The OpenShift Commons hosts multiple Special Interest Groups on topics ranging from Mobile, Big Data, OpenShift, Operations, Automotive, EDU and GOV.

You can see the entire list of 300+ OpenShift Common participating organizations here.

Become a Part of Something Bigger, Join us in Texas on Dec 5th

Red Hat is hosting a OpenShift Commons Gathering on December 5 in Austin, Texas co-located with CNCF's Kubecon event. This will be our 4th OpenShift Commons Gathering which we are conveniently hosting the day before Kubecon so you can get all your updates and roadmaps and make connections with key project leads and make the most of your Kubecon experience. The last event was sold out and standing room only, so register today to reserve your space.

Guest speakers include upstream project leads from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Red Hat who will share their latest product roadmaps and take your questions and feedback. Topics discussed will focus on the cross-community collaboration between upstream open source software projects like Containers, Kubernetes, Cri-O, Open Service Broker and many other initiatives, along with talks from key customers about their production deployments of OpenShift. Check out the full schedule here.

Register today

About OpenShift Commons:

OpenShift Commons' goal is to help to builds connections and collaboration across all of the interconnected OpenShift communities, projects and stakeholders. In doing so, we work together to enable the success of customers, users, partners, and contributors as we deepen our knowledge and experiences together.

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