There are now 200+ organizations in over 40 countries participating in the OpenShift Commons who collectively worked together to design, develop and foster the adoption of the leading open source container platform OpenShift.

Today, OpenShift Commons hit 200+ organization member milestone mark with participants in over 40+ countries. Participants contribute to the design, development and adoption of OpenShift, the industry leading container platform. OpenShift is built on industry standards in collaboration with a number of upstream technology communities.

OpenShift Commons is dedicated fostering the community around OpenShift, facilitates the sharing emerging Cloud Native best practices and accelerating the development of upstream technologies.

Recent OpenShift Commons Members

Participating organizations represent key industries and vertical markets where OpenShift has seen the greatest adoption: enterprise private cloud, public cloud service providers, banking/finance and universities and government agencies. Recent new members come from around the globe and include Tata Consulting Services, Skatteetaten (Norwegian Tax Administration), University of Michigan, and Cox Automotive among many others.

OpenShift Commonsincludes some of OpenShift’s largest customers and partners, coming together with other contributors in the community to form Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and participate in over 50 Commons Briefings tackling best practices, operations knowledge and special topics ranging from storage, networking to continuous integration workflows.

Emerging use cases of Openshift have been featured in the OpenShift Commons Briefings, including the GetUpCloud’s Public PaaS deployment on Microsoft’s Azure, and Banco Santander’s Produban Multi-Region deployment of OpenShift on OpenStack . Additionally, OpenShift Commons Briefings feature many deep dive demos into the upstream Kubernetes and related Container technologies.

A Global Open Collaboration Community

Unlike pay-to-play foundations or other open source contributor-focused community models, the OpenShift Commons model focuses on creating connections between peers across the ecosystem at all levels in a collaborative model, enabling sharing of insights, knowledge, feedback and best practices to help drive innovation.

OpenShift Commons mission is to empower users, promote the use of OpenShift Container platform and support the community around it, including users, developers and the entire ecosystem.

OpenShift Commons participants deepen their knowledge through collaboration while also enabling the success of OpenShift and its various stakeholders. Unlike the foundation-based approach, OpenShift Commons doesn’t require a Contribution License Agreement (CLA) or large sponsorship fees to join; it is a community without any barriers to entry other than a willingness to engage in the open collaboration process.

Building this open barrier-free flow of communication and collaboration has helped accelerate the design feedback loop and bring new OpenShift releases and features to market faster benefiting all members of the OpenShift Commons.

Built on Industry Standards in Collaboration with others

OpenShift Commons fosters cross-community collaboration with all the upstream projects that are incorporated into OpenShift Origin including Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Atomic and more.

“Today's news demonstrates the depth and breath of the global reach of the OpenShift Commons. Now encompassing 200+ organizations in over 40 countries, OpenShift Commons is emerging as new effective model for open source cross-community collaboration. Weaveworks shares Red Hat’s commitment to collaborating on container and cloud-native solutions to deliver a stable, secure and fully open-source cloud. Weaveworks is pleased to be part of this community and looks forward to more cloud native collaboration efforts with Red Hat and the other members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation to accelerate adoption of container-based microservices architectures.”

- Alexis Richardson, CEO, Weaveworks and chair, TOC, Cloud Native Computing Foundation

OpenShift and Red Hat are actively participating in both the Open Container Initiative and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation to ensure that fully open source container-based clouds are truly interoperable and open.

Additional Supporting Quotes from recent members:

"As one of the newest members of the OpenShift Commons, ELOS Technologies is looking forward to accelerating our ability to deploy OpenShift for our clients and ourselves internally. The information sharing and collaboration that takes place in the OpenShift Commons has helped us get up to speed with kubernetes and containers so that we can deliver more business value to our customers today. We are looking forward to contributing back to the community in the future."

- Stanislav Polášek - CEO ELOS Technologies

“One of the many advantages of being a member of the OpenShift Commons, Villamedia taking part in the Openshift Dedicated Early Access program and getting to work closely with the OpenShift 3 platform several months before GA and provide our feedback to the engineers working on the project. Since then, we've been sharing this exciting experience and the advantages with our customers, colleagues and across the OpenShift Commons at large. OpenShift Dedicated allows our team to focus on building great software to power scalable and containerized web, mobile and cloud applications, without the infrastructure and DevOps overhead associated with traditional systems we once depended on."

- Sebastian Villa, Director of Technology at Villamedia

“For Tremolo Security, OpenShift Commons has helped us build a better identity management project and product by being able to talk to the developers and operators to sound out our ideas and avoid the development "echo chamber". There are few groups in this industry with so many members that are a mix of partners and customers working together. Thank you and congratulations, OpenShift Commons on reaching the 200+ member milestone.”

- Marc Boorshtein, CTO Tremolo Security, Inc.

“As a solution provider, we find OpenShift Commons to be a great venue to dialogue and network with peers in the OpenShift Community. This community is where the rubber hits the road with real world use-cases and technical people with real technical challenges. We look forward to further participating in this vibrant community as it forms and grows."
- Rob Lalonde, VP Navops, Univa

OpenShift Commons’ Mission

The OpenShift Commons mission is to help foster cross-community engagement across open source technologies that are upstreamed and services integrated into OpenShift and tool chains for used with OpenShift deployments. OpenShift Commons brings users, contributors and operators together to share their use cases and help inform the design of future releases of OpenShift.

Join Us!

OpenShift Commons is active and growing group of developers, upstream project leads, users and operators from many companies contributing to the OpenShift ecosystem. Being part of the OpenShift Commons enables community members, especially new ones, to accelerate their OpenShift deployments by giving them direct connections to their peers across the ecosystem, and helps foster growth of its ecosystem.

Upcoming OpenShift Commons Gathering to be co-located with KubeCon & CloudNativeCon


Hosted by OpenShift and co-located in Seattle during CloudNativeCon, OpenShift Commons Gathering will feature talks covering major OpenShift adopters, leading expert contributor insights, and a full range of technologies that support open source OpenShift container platform ecosystem. Registration will open soon for OpenShift Commons Gathering, Nov. 7 in Seattle. Developers, OpenShift Commons members and industry experts will be invited to submit a speaking proposal for the OpenShift Commons Gathering. Look for an announcement with more details shortly.

We are very excited about OpenShift Commons and its potential to enable the OpenShift community embrace a world shaped by cloud technologies. I want to take this opportunity to extend the invitation to everyone interested in the next generation of IT to join us in this journey.

Upcoming OpenShift Briefings:

Learn more at OpenShift Commons



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