It's A Wrap! The OpenShift Commons Gathering on Data Science took place virtually on January 28th, 2021 with participation from the, and OpenShift Commons communities. the event included talks by end users from Verizon Media, América Móvil and Ericsson Research on how their organizations are leveraging AI, Machine Learning and OpenShift.

If you were unable to attend, we’ve created a youtube playlist of all the day’s proceedings  for your binge-watching pleasure!

This OpenShift Commons Gathering on Data Science also featured two great keynotes on “Overcoming Dataset Bias in Machine Learning” by Kate Saenko of Boston University and MIT-IBM Watson Lab and “Sustainability, Machine Learning, AR/VR and 5G: AI for Good” by Paul Mclachlan of Ericsson Research.  

This Virtual OpenShift Commons Gathering on Data Science brought together Data Scientists and Kubernetes and Cloud Native experts from all over the world to discuss container technologies, best practices for deploying Data Science workloads on OpenShift and and the many open source software projects that underpin both the Data Science and OpenShift ecosystems. 


All the videos are available now:




Overcoming Dataset Bias in Machine Learning


Kate Saenko (Boston University/MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab)

Keynote: Sustainability, Machine Learning, AR/VR and 5G: AI for Good


Paul Mclachlan (Ericsson Research)

The Enterprise Neurosystem Initiative at America Movil


Karlo Piceno (América Móvil)  Raul Reyes (América Móvil)   William Wright (Red Hat)

MLCommons: Accelerating Machine Learning with Benchmarks, Datasets and beyond


Diane Feddema (Red Hat)Peter Mattson (Google)   David Kanter (MLCommons)

OpenDataHub: The Open Source Toolbox for Data Scientists


Audrey Reznik (Red Hat)

Building an Edge Intelligence Application at Verizon Media


Ganesh Harinath (Verizon Media)

NVIDIA GPU Operator: Simplifying GPU Management in Kubernetes


Kevin Jones (NVIDIA)

Beyond AIOps: How to Open Source Operations


Marcel Hild (Red Hat)

Data Scientists and Red Hat - Better Together


Sherard Griffin (Red Hat)

How to Build Data Science Pipelines with OpenShift using Ceph, Kafka and Knative



Guillaume Moutier (Red Hat)


Watch the entire playlist here

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