We've now uploaded all the presentations from the Berlin event and linked to videos of the presentations below.

Back on Tuesday (March 28, 2017) in Berlin, 245 members of the global OpenShift community gathered into an overflowing sold-out room at the Berlin Congress Centre at Alexanderplatz. There were attendees from over 25 countries and we were thrilled to announce that the OpenShift Commons added its 250th OpenShift Commons member organization with Macquarie Bank joining the Commons just in time for the Berlin Gathering.

The OpenShift community is incredibly grateful to all the wonderful speakers and panelists who participated and shared their stories, road maps and use cases with us and to the good folks at CNCF.io that helped to organize, promote and shared the space with us.

First, We Took Berlin. Next, We'll Take Boston!

The Berlin event had a great lineup of speakers and panelist ranging from upstream project leads, core contributors, production users, service integrators, and host/operators - all sharing their perspectives, insights, and use cases for OpenShift, Kubernetes, and Containers. It was great to experience the momentum with which the community continues to drive the OpenShift Origin project forward as well drive contribution and feedback into all of the upstream communities. We are grateful for all upstream project leads, contributors, customers, and partners who contributed conversations at the event. Your participation is what has made all of OpenShift Commons Gatherings so successful and have turned the tickets into coveted prizes.

For those of you on the waitlist who didn't get in, we apologize and promise get a bigger room for our next OpenShift Commons Gathering on May 1st in Boston at Red Hat Summit, but please register soon so you don't end up on the waitlist yet again!

Here’s a list of of speakers and their topics with links to videos in case you missed in Berlin:

Speaker/Moderate  Topic & Panelists
Diane Mueller, Red Hat Welcome to the Commons: Making Collaboration that Works
Chris Wright, Red Hat Keynote: Challenges of Digital Transformation
Aparna Sinha, Google Kubernetes 1.6 and Beyond from Google’s PoV
Clayton Coleman, Red Hat OpenShift 3.x: Features/Functions/Future
Thomas Weber, T-Systems Big Data on OpenShift at T-Systems
Stormy Peters, Red Hat, Moderator Panel: Upstream this!
Panelists: Clayton Coleman (Red Hat), Brandon Philips (CoreOS), Paul Morie (Red Hat/OSBA); Aparna Sinha, Google, Alexis Richardson, Weave, CNCF TOC Chair
Vincent Batts, Red Hat/OCI The State of the Container Ecosystem: the OCI PoV
Robert Forsstrom, Volvo OpenShift at Volvo
Brian Gracely, Red Hat Moderator Panel: Members Talk Back!
Panelists: Andrew Randall (Tigera), Josh Meyer (Accenture), Bjartestien Karlsen (Skatteetaten.No Norwegian Tax Administration) and Darren Ratcliffe (Atos)
Eric Mountain, Amadeus OpenShift at Amadeus
Alexis Richardson, Weave, CNCF TOC Chair The Next Chapter for Cloud Natives & Kubernetes
Dr. André Baumgart, easiER AG Healthcare Goes Mobile on OpenShift at EasierAG
Diane Mueller, Red Hat Wrap Up: The Road Ahead @OpenShift


The upcoming Boston OpenShift Commons Gathering will shift gears to focus on real world production case studies from 9 customers and will host AMA-style panels putting core contributors, engineers, and product managers on the hot seat enabling attendees direct access in an open forum.

We look forward to seeing you all again in Boston for the next OpenShift Commons Gathering on May 1, 2017!

If you just want to recreate the entire day, the recordings of all the talks are live on the OpenShift Commons Gathering’s YouTube channel click here, sit back relax and enjoy the show!

And don't forget to register for the next OpenShift Commons Gathering at Red Hat Summit on May 1st, check out the speaker line-up here. You won't want to miss this event!


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