With over 350 attendees from over 115+ companies and more than 25 speakers by community members, upstream project leads, contributors, end users, and from Red Hatters, the OpenShift Commons Gathering in Seattle this past week was a great place to learn about the future of Kubernetes, OpenShift, and cloud native infrastructure.

Seattle Shines Spotlight on Cross-Community Collaboration, Operators and Production Case Studies at Scale

The GE Digital team discusses the power of Red Hat OpenShift to enable innovation throughout their organization.

The OpenShift community is once again incredibly grateful to all the wonderful speakers and panelists who participated and shared their stories, roadmaps and use cases with us at the OpenShift Commons Gathering in Seattle. Your participation is what has made all of OpenShift Commons Gatherings so successful and served as inspiration to the rest of our community. Your insights, feedback, and lessons learned are an integral part of what makes OpenShift the leading Kubernetes-based Enterprise-ready Container Application Platform and continues to drive innovation into OpenShift, OKD, Kubernetes, Operators, KNative, and all the related upstream container and Cloud Native technologies that are part of our eco-system.

What’s Next? Deep Learning, GPU, Serverless, Operators, Bare Metal and more Cross-Community Collaboration!


The "Knative, Kubernetes, Istio: A New Cloud Stack?" Panel

One of the Common themes of the Seattle Gathering was the forward-looking nature of the case studies and panelist conversations.

Now that the underpinnings of OpenShift and Kubernetes are stable and continue to mature, the speakers were now focusing in on enabling and extending OpenShift for specific workloads such as Deep Learning, Mobile and Big Data.


Videos and Slides are now available on our YouTube Channel

We’ve gathered up all the information, slides, and videos from this day-long event, and we present them here for your edification. We've also made a playlist of all the talks so you can binge-watch over the holidays at your leisure.


Talk and Video Link
Diane Mueller, (Red Hat) Welcome to the Commons: Making Collaboration that Works Slides
Chris Wright and Reza Shafii (Red Hat) Opening Keynotes Slides
Clayton Coleman, Mike Barrett and Derek Carr (Red Hat) OpenShift - Features, Functions, Futures No Slides
Max Schulze (Vattenfall) Case Study: Vattenfall - Sustainable Data Centers - OpenShift on OpenStack Slides
Jackie Chute, Timothy Oliver and Jay Ryan (GE Digital) Case Study: OpenShift @ GE Digital Slides
Brandon Sedgwick, Matthew Gartman and Rick Bliss (Progressive) Case Study: OpenShift @ Progressive - Migrating Monoliths to OpenShift No Slides
Tim Nichols Case Study: The Road to Kubernetes @ Ticketmaster Slides
Mark Chmarny (Google), Paul Morie (Red Hat), Klaus Deissner (SAP), Idit Levine (Solo.io), Doug Davis (IBM) Knative, Kubernetes, Istio: A New Cloud Stack? Panel No Slides
Sébastien Pahl and Rob Szumski (Red Hat) State of the Operators: Framework, SDKs, and beyond Slides
Tripti Singhal (Nvidia) and Tushar Katarki (Red Hat) Deep Learning on OpenShift with GPUs Slides
Jose Palafox (Intel), David Cain (Red Hat) and Jeremy Eder (Red Hat) State of OpenShift on Bare Metal: Intel PoV Slides
Ankur Lamba (USAA) Case Study:Secrets Management on OpenShift @ USAA Slides
James McShane (HealthPartners) Case Study: OpenShift @ HealthPartners Slides
Brian Gracely (Red Hat) The Road Ahead: OpenShift, Kubernetes and Beyond Slides
Joe Fernandes (Red Hat) AMA Panel with OpenShift PM team members No Slides

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Join the Community at the Upcoming OpenShift Commons Gathering in London! January 30th @ Savoy Place

We’re also excited to announce that the upcoming OpenShift Commons Gathering will be taking place January 30th, 2019 in London at Savoy Place. The OpenShift Commons Gathering brings together experts from all over the world to discuss real-world implementations of container technologies, best practices for cloud native application developers and the upstream open source software projects that make up the OpenShift ecosystem.

More speakers and panelists are being added daily, so check out the agenda for updates.

Please note: Pre-registration is required.

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Red Hat CTO Chris Wright discussed the future of the OpenShift Platform.

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