It's a Wrap! 365 Attendees from 145 Organizations from over 20 Countries attended the OpenShift Commons Gathering at Red Hat Summit 2017 on May 1st in Boston!


Talking Containers and Clouds at Scale with OpenShift: Not Just For Unicorns!

Macquarie Bank at Red Hat OpenShift Commons Gathering, Boston, May 2017

This OpenShift Commons Gathering at Red Hat Summit's focus was on hearing directly from enterprises with OpenShift in production at scale. All the speakers that presented shared their production use cases of OpenShift and deep technical insights into their technical stacks and all the services that they had integrated into their workflows.  The range of case studies and the depth and breadth of various technical presentations was proof positive that containers and clouds are definitely not just for unicorns or not limited to 12-factor applications anymore, these cloud natives are doing a lot of heavy lifting at scale.


In addition, This event hosted 3 "AMA" (Ask-Me-Anything) Panels of engineers and product managers working on various aspects of OpenShift - all sharing their perspectives, insights, and use cases for OpenShift, Kubernetes, and Containers. It was a great opportunity to hear feedback and experience the momentum with which the community continues to drive the OpenShift Origin project forward as well drive contribution into all of the upstream communities.

Links to Videos and Slides

Here’s a list of speakers and their topics with links to videos in case you missed in the event:

Speakers/Panelists Link to Video Link to Slides
Diane Mueller & Joe Fernandes, Red Hat Welcome to the Commons: Collaboration in Action slides
Rajay Rai, Mathias Faure, Jason O'Connell, Macquarie & Wayne Dovey, Red Hat OpenShift at Macquarie Bank slides
Anandhi Navaneethakr, Veerendra Akula, Mukul Nadkarni, Atpco OpenShift at Atpco slides
Steve Speicher, Diogenes Rettori, Paul Morie, Serena Doyle, Red Hat Ask Me Anything: OpenShift Service Catalog, Brokers and the User Experience slides
William Shaw & Daniel Foley, Point 72 Asset Management OpenShift at Point72 Asset Management slides
Mike Barrett, Marc Curry, Clayton Coleman, Red Hat Ask Me Anything: Kubernetes and the Container Cluster Infrastructure slides
Baltisar Oswald, Swiss Federal Railways, & Christoph Eberle, Red Hat OpenShift at Swiss Railways slides
Michael White & Michael Duarte, Cisco OpenShift at Cisco slides
Jose Chavez & Jeff Richards, CA OpenShift at CA slides
Marc Curry, Ben Breard, Dan Walsh, Red Hat Ask Me Anything: Securing Containers, Hosts and Platforms slides
Guilhem Vianes, La Poste OpenShift at La Poste slides
Michael Steigman & Wayne Raila, Mass General Hospital OpenShift at Mass General Hospital/Partners Healthcare slides
Kevin Crocker, Inmarsat OpenShift at Inmarsat slides
Ashesh Badani, Red Hat Closing Keynote: Digital Shift in Action slides



Ashesh Badani, GM, Red Hat Cloud/OpenShift Wrapping Up at Red Hat OpenShift Commons Gathering, Boston, May 2017

The OpenShift community is incredibly grateful to all the wonderful speakers and panelists who participated and shared their stories, road maps and use cases with us at last week's OpenShift Commons Gathering at Red Hat Summit. Your participation is what has made all of OpenShift Commons Gatherings so successful and have turned the tickets into coveted prizes. Once again, we apologize to any of you that did not make it off the waitlist and hope that you'll forgive us. We'll get an even bigger room for the next OpenShift Commons Gathering in Austin, Texas on December 5th to be co-located once again with Kubecon!

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Many thanks to Red Hat's Gordon Haff for all the great photographs of the event!


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