OpenShift's Open Source Community continues to grow and drive innovation into OpenShift Origin and Upstream projects

Now 315+ Member Organizations strong, the sold-out OpenShift Commons Gathering in Austin brought together the diverse community of developers, engineers, contributors, users, service providers and cloud natives to discuss the road ahead for OpenShift and Kubernetes.

OpenShift Commons is open to all community participants: users, operators, enterprises, non-profits, educational institutions, partners, and service providers as well as other open source technology initiatives utilized under the hood or to extend the OpenShift platform.

Austin Shines Spotlight on Cross-Community Collaboration and Production Case Studies

The OpenShift community is once again incredibly grateful to all the wonderful speakers and panelists who participated and shared their stories, roadmaps and use cases with us at the OpenShift Commons Gathering in Austin. Your participation is what has made all of OpenShift Commons Gatherings so successful and served as inspiration to the rest of our community. Your insights, feedback, and lessons learned are an integral part of what makes OpenShift the leading Kubernetes-based Enterprise-ready Container Application Platform and continues to drive innovation into OpenShift Origin, Kubernetes, OCI, CNCF, and all the related upstream container and Cloud Native technologies that are part of our eco-system.

What's Next? Machine Learning, Mobile, IoT, Big Data and more Cross-Community Collaboration!

One of the Common themes of the Austin Gathering was the forward-looking nature of the case studies and panelist conversations. Now that the underpinnings of OpenShift and Kubernetes are stable and continue to mature, the speakers were now focusing in on enabling and extending OpenShift for specific workloads such as IoT, Machine Learning, Mobile and Big Data. To help continue the conversations, we invite you to join the OpenShift Commons Special Interest Groups for these topics and more here:

Videos and Slides are now available on our YouTube Channel

Click on a session title to view the video recording.


Speakers/Panelists Videos Slides
Diane Mueller, Red Hat Welcome to the Commons: Collaboration in Action Slides
Chris Wright, Red Hat Perpetual Pursuit of Excellence
Aparna Sinha, Google Kubernetes 1.8 and Beyond from Google’s PoV Slides
Clayton Coleman, Red Hat
Michael Barrett, Red Hat
OpenShift 3.x: Features/Functions/Future Slides
Phil Dufault,Telus Digital
Alexandar Podobnik, Telus Digital
Tom Vogel, Telus Digital
OpenShift Case Study: Telus Digital Slides
Stormy Peters, Red Hat
Paul Morie, Red Hat,
Brendon Burns, Microsoft
Kris Nova, Heptio
Clayton Coleman,Red Hat
Aparna Sinha, Google
Panel: Upstream this! Red Hat, Google, Microsoft, and Heptio
Dan Walsh, Red Hat
Mrunal Patel, Red Hat
The State of the Container Ecosystem Slides
Evong Nham Chung,Red Hat
Panel: .Gov on OpenShift - US Courts, USCIS/DHS, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory
David Duncan, Amazon Web Services Openshift on AWS - Kubernetes, the Open Service Broker and Customer Obsession Slides
Greg Swift, Rackspace OpenShift Case Study:Rackspace - Shift the Rack Slides
Seishio Yasukawa, NTT NT Labs
Hyde Sugiyama, Red Hat
OpenShift Case Study: NTT NT Labs Edge PaaS Slides
Tushar Katarki, Red Hat
Matthew Farrellee, Red Hat
David Aronchick, Google,
Kris Overholt, Anaconda
Panel: What's Next? Machine Learning on OpenShift
Brian Gracely, Red Hat Wrap Up: The Road Ahead @ OpenShift Slides

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We have more in Common than you know!

Many thanks to Red Hat's Gordon Haff for all the great photographs of the event!

Once again, we apologize to any of you that did not make it off the waitlist and hope that you'll forgive us. We'll get an even bigger room for the next OpenShift Commons Gathering in San Francisco at Red Hat Summit on May 7th!


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