OpenShift Commons Briefing Summary

In this briefing, Red Hat's Brian 'redbeard' Harrington gives an awesome introduction to Istio andt walk us thru what's new in Istio 1.0 Release.

Istio, an open source tool to connect and manage microservices, has become a category leading service mesh (essentially a configurable infrastructure layer for microservices) for Kubernetes. This week, Istio celebrated a milestone of the general availability of Istio 1.0.

Istio provides a method of integrating services like load balancing, mutual service-to-service authentication, transport layer encryption, and application telemetry requiring minimal (and in many cases no) changes to the code of individual services.


Access the slides from this briefing: Istio 1.0 Release Update with RedBeard - OpenShift Commons

Resources mentioned in the briefing:

Join the Community

With 400+ member organizations participating, OpenShift Commons is the place where the community goes to collaborate and work together on OpenShift. OpenShift Commons is open to all community participants: users, operators, enterprises, startups, non-profits, educational institutions, partners, and service providers.

Save the Date

We’re also excited to announce that the upcoming OpenShift Commons Gathering will be taking place December 10, 2018 in Seattle, co-located once again with CNCF’s KubeCon & CloudNativeCon. The OpenShift Commons Gathering brings together experts from all over the world to discuss real-world implementations of container technologies, best practices for cloud native application developers and the upstream open source software projects that make up the OpenShift ecosystem.

Confirmed Keynotes and Speakers from Red Hat already include:

  • AMA Panel with OpenShift Product Managers and Engineering leads
  • Chris Wright on Emerging Technology and Innovation
  • Clayton Coleman & Mike Barrett on OpenShift 3.x: Features/Functions/Future
  • Diane Mueller on Cross-Community Collaboration with Upstream
  • Sebastian Pahl on Operator Framework

More speakers and panelists are being added, check out the agenda for updates. Please note: Pre-registration is required. To register, add the OpenShift Commons Gathering as a co-located event during your KubeCon + CloudNativeCon registration.


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