Just deployed the EFK Logging-Stack on top of OpenShift and now you cannot see all the logs on Kibana?

Suddenly the infra nodes start to hang and it is running out of resources? In this OpenShift Commons Briefing, Red Hat’s Gabriel Ferraz Stein shows us how to check the installation from the EFK Logging-Stack, how to to better capacity planning to not run out of resources and also effectively work with Red Hat Support Services to solve the Logging-Stack issues.

The briefing, Gabriel covers the many aspects from the EFK Logging-Stack installed on top of OpenShift Container Platform 3.x/4.x including:

  • What are exactly the components from the EFK Logging-Stack?
  • What functions do they have?
  • What are the most common recommendations and requirements to deploy a EFK Logging-Stack safely and in a reliable way?
  • How should I calculate the capacity from your resources?
  • Best practices and the sizing options
  • Debugging the EFK Logging Stack
  • Generate a Logging-Dump to help you understand all the components from the dump


Briefing Slides: A deep dive on the OpenShift Logging-Stack


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