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In this briefing, Dara Hayes of nearForm discusses how Minishift can be used as a local development environment for OpenShift and demonstrates one approach to developing Node.js applications with OpenShift/Minishift. He also provides a live demo of the workflow and discusses some of the material in the open GitHub repo.

A good local development workflow has quick feedback loops, meaning code changes are reflected instantly. OpenShift’s build and deploy process can be too slow in that context, so nearForm set out on a journey to optimize this process.

At nearForm, a team was assembled and tasked with evaluating Minishift as a local development environment for clients moving to OpenShift. Their goal was to create a local environment that mirrored production as much as possible and to upskill people on Openshift at the same time.

The end result was a Node.js app running in a local OpenShift cluster that could be live reloaded without rebuilding containers. Along the way, we learned about many of the core benefits of OpenShift such as the integrated build system, integrated docker registry, the powerful web console and templates.

Dara and Conor O'Neill also discussed the various challenges encountered and provided some useful tips to those starting with Node on OpenShift.

Dara Hayes, DevOps Engineer, nearForm
Conor O’Neill, Chief Product Officer, nearForm

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