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In this briefing, Eduardo Silva (@edsiper), Open Source Developer at Treasure Data gives us an overview of Fluentd and demonstrates how to use it with OpenShift & Kubernetes.

Regardless of your environment, logging can be complex. System services and specific application logs need to be consumed different ways and the data retrieved likely comes in a variety of different formats, which presents an interesting challenge. In the Cloud Native era, we see this complexity increase when deployment happens at scale. At this point having a non-generic logging tool is not enough to solve the problem. Instead, a custom solution capable of integrating, understand and connecting the dots between different endpoints is highly recommended; that’s why Fluentd was created.

Fluentd allows you to implement a unified logging layer in any type of environment. It was designed with flexibility in mind, with a pluggable architecture of more than 600 extensions provided by the community, and can collect, parse, filter and deliver logs from any source to most of the well-known destinations like local databases or cloud services.  Fluentd was recently added as a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) member project.

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Here's a link to the slides from the briefing: Fluentd Cloud Native Logging

Learn more at the next OpenShift Commons Gathering in Austin Dec 5th

Red Hatters, CNCF/Kubernetes project leads and numerous other members of the OpenShift Commons will be gathering together in Berlin for the upcoming OpenShift Commons Gathering co-located with Kubecon at the Austin Convention Center.

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You can find a Playlist of all previously recorded SIG meetings and OpenShift Commons Briefings on YouTube.

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