In this briefing, Cristian Roldan of Banco Santander's Produban group gave great technical talk about Banco Santander’s journey to PaaS, and all the lessons they've learned along the road as they have embraced Cloud and extended OpenShift and it's upstream technologies Containers, Kubernetes all on top of OpenStack.

Produban is global IT company in 9 countries providing services to 120 Santander Group affiliates. If you missed this session last week, you'll definitely want to make some time to watch this recording and be sure to join OpenShift Commons so that you don't miss upcoming sessions!

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Produban's PaaS Team members joined in on the call and dove deeper still  into the underlying architecture, discussed the some of the customization that they have undertaken to deliver their multi-region PaaS and shared many of their best practices.

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As Produban have deployed OpenShift in production on OpenStack, they also had many insights into best practices and shared lessons learned leveraging OpenStack resources which will be of interest to anyone thinking of deploying OpenShift on OpenStack.



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