OpenShift Commons Briefing Summary

Red Hat’s Subin Modeel talks about how you can get started using OpenShift for your TensorFlow application development. The briefing is a definitive guide to getting Tensorflow applications and workflows deployed and trained on OpenShift.

The briefing covers the following:

  • How to build TensorFlow binaries with S2I (Source-to-Image) feature on OpenShift.
  • How to create custom docker images for TensorFlow for running on GPU with OpenShift.
  • Using Jupyter notebook/jupyterab to write Tensorflow code, to serialize models to TensorFlow’s SavedModel format and to use OpenShift Source-to-image for creating models.
  • How to deploy the model as an API endpoint which can be consumed by applications.

Subin also demonstrates some fun applications on OpenShift that leverage the technology including:

  • MNIST handwritten digit recognition app on OpenShift for CPU & GPU
  • Inception app – CPU only
  • Neural style transfer app on OpenShift for CPU/GPU

Access the slides from this presentation: Containerizing TensorFlow on OpenShift

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