A registry is an important part of deploying applications to OpenShift, or any Kubernetes, clusters. The registry is responsible for storing the container images created and used by applications. OpenShift has a default, built-in registry which is deployed automatically with full-stack automation deployments, a.k.a. installer provisioned infrastructure or IPI, but often requires some day 2 configuration with pre-existing infrastructure, a.k.a. user provisioned infrastructure or UPI. However, that’s not the only registry option! Red Hat Quay, Quay.io, and many other third party and partner options are available for storing your container images.

This week we invited Andrew Block, Distinguished Architect with Red Hat Consulting, to the stream to discuss the registry, different options available, the pros/cons of each, and he provided some overall advice and guidance for administering a registry.

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Episode 16 recorded stream:

Supporting links for today’s topic:

  • OpenShift registry documentation - how to deploy, configure, and manage the OpenShift registry
  • OpenShift Image configuration documentation - important and useful when configuring additional registries for your cluster, including insecure registries and allowing or blocking specific registries.
  • Red Hat Quay - Red Hat’s standalone registry product, which can be deployed to OpenShift or separately, provides a number of benefits above and beyond the default OpenShift registry. Hear our discussion about Quay on-prem vs the OpenShift registry here in the stream.


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